AMACPHOTO creates distinct game day senior banners, team banners, team posters, team schedule posters.

HOW WE WORK: We work with booster organizations, athletic directors, coaches, band directors, and other coordinators to put together a great program for your sport, team, and/or school. Our program is full service. Which means we do everything from taking the photos to delivering your final products. Normally working in coordination with your usual sports photographer on fall/winter/spring picture day.

INDIVIDUAL BANNERS: Our Senior Banners are vivid, unique, and are great to showcase your senior athletes either in the stadium, in the gym, or wherever your home team plays. Additionally, when we work with your school for multiple sports, the banner design can be harmonized, to give the same look and feel, giving each team and sport its own identity, within the overall design. Also, if we are working with any other schools in your league or immediate area, you won’t have to worry about the designs being the same, as we will make your design exclusive to your school within your league, and within neighboring schools. Senior Banners are 24″ x 36″ (a 2:3 ratio), but we can also make them 29″x36″ (a 4:5 ratio), or another custom size to fit your needs. The vinyl banners are weather resistant and have grommets on the corners for hanging.

TEAM BANNERS: Recognize the accomplishments of your Senior Squad with a senior team banner, or even a whole team banner. Our team banners come in 24″ x 72″ (2′ x 6′) up to 48″ x 120″ (4′ x 10′), and can be printed on one or both sides. Our large format banners come printed on a weather resistant vinyl, with grommets every 2-3 feet for hanging.

SCHEDULE POSTERS: A favorite fundraiser for many of our schools. Similar to assembling a team banner, a schedule poster is the same thing, but printed on paper instead of vinyl. And a much more manageable size. We leave space to include sponsor logos, and include your team’s schedule. With the right planning, selling sponsorships can more than cover your costs for the program. Schedule posters are 18″x12″ or 28″x18″.

PRICING: For individual banners/products, we offer a student/family paid option, and a boosters/team direct option. For team banners and schedule posters, we’ll work directly with the coaches/boosters organization on price quotes and planning.

TURN AROUND: We are proud to offer some of the fastest turnaround in town. From picture day to banners on your doorstep, it’s 5 days. Example: Picture day is Monday. We’ll take Tuesday to do the art work and send it to you for approval. If you return the approval to us before 3pm Wednesday, you’ll have your order on Friday before noon. If we find something that needs a correction, as long as we can get it finalized by Wednesday at 3pm, you’ll have it by Friday.

WHY CHOOSE AMACPHOTO: We are dedicated to the best customer service and deep, long-lasting customer relationships. We stand by our work, and hold our work to the highest standards.

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