HEY SENIORS! We offer sessions year-round, although summer and fall are the best time for senior portraits. Longer days = more sunlight to work with, nicer skies, nicer trees and other natural backgrounds Senior sessions are one-on-one, but from time to time, we may announce special group sessions (e.g. at a special location), where we take multiple seniors for a group session on-location. For pricing information, scroll to the bottom and enter your info! You will get pricing info by email, with no hoops to jump through.

We work with you to find out your interests and personality, and will work together to select the best location (or locations) for your photo session. Some location ideas include our local metro parks (natural setting, with pathways, bridges, water), barns, abandoned structures, graffiti walls, downtown (urban setting, city lights), and many more ideas to match who you are.

To book with me, please start by filling out my Senior Profile/Questionnaire. I will read that carefully and make an appointment for us to get together for an initial consultation. The initial consultation is where we will lay out our game plan for your session. Once we do your photo session, I will put together your images into a presentation to unveil to you, and you’ll have the opportunity to review and choose your images.

We update our blog with tips and tricks on picking your wardrobe for your photos – the simple answer is “it all depends” – it depends on the time of year, the location, your own unique personality and style, the mood you want for your photos.

THE SKY IS THE LIMIT: One of the best things about shooting senior portraits is the unlimited creativity that we can put into your photos. Whether it’s taking a photo and making it “pop” in black and white, or scouting out that perfect spot and calculating the date and time and angle of the sun to get everything lined up perfectly. We can also add a special look to your photos by shooting some of our shots on film. Film? Yes, actual film that you put in the camera, wind it on, and then have it developed afterwards. In fact, some of my favorite shots are shot on a special motion picture (movie) film.

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    Be sure to fill out our Senior Profile Questionnaire too!