Welcome to a whole new Youth Sports Picture Day experience!

We are pleased to offer a modern, easy-to-use, efficient system for handling your team’s picture day.


Step 1: We set a date, time, location, and other details for your team. We also need to know how much time we have for pictures, as well as how many players that will be photographed.

Step 2: I provide you with a flyer you can circulate to announce the details for picture day. It has a code for the parents to use – they send the code as a SMS message to our system. Parents have the option to purchase advance payment credits to receive a special advance payment coupon.

Step 3: We take the photos on picture day, and hand out reminder cards with the code and text information on it.

Step 4: When the photos are ready, a text message goes out to all of the parents inviting them to come see the photos. They can shop online, pick their favorites, and their order is shipped directly to them.

FOR PARENTS: You get to see the images before you order them. You get to select multiple poses within your package selections. No more dealing with paper order forms, writing checks, checks getting lost, writing into those tiny little boxes, getting surprised (good or bad) when the pictures come in (because their photographer is picking the pose). Plus, you can customize (zoom in or out) photos into the products before they’re printed. Your order is shipped to your door, and you’ll see tracking information when it’s on the way. Plus, you get to do it all from any device, whenever, wherever.

FOR COACHES: Since we ship direct to the family, you no longer have to deal with handling paper order forms to pass out to parents, no hassles with passing out picture envelopes when pictures come in, and since there’s no paperwork to deal with, you get to focus on what’s important – coaching your team on to victory.

FOR LEAGUE ORGANIZERS: Our product and package prices are very competitive and comparable to other sports photographers, but we believe, all else being mostly equal, the process and experience sets us apart and makes us a great choice to do your league’s photography. We can customize packages to fit the needs of your league, and can offer a special fundraising price model, where a portion of the sales go back to your team. We’re happy to provide a demo of our system for you.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: We are able to photograph your sports team on location, on the field, on the track, in the gym, or against a green screen, which allows us to create individual and team photos without having the whole team together all at the same time. Additionally, sports like hockey have expensive operational fees (e.g. ice time) which is no longer needed if we use the green screen.

GET IN TOUCH: Fill in the form below and we can arrange a demo, answer any questions you have, and talk about next steps.