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You can wear what you like, but if you ask, we’ll give you some tips on what looks good and what to avoid.


You’re likely bringing a couple or more outfits to your shoot (or we’re doing your shoot on different days). Think about your location, and how to plan your outfit for that location. Additionally, let’s add another dimension to the plan: the time of year and weather. Just like you wouldn’t choose sandals and a thin dress in January, we don’t want thick layers of flannel and furry boots in the summer.

Here are three outfits we’ve picked. Use them as-is, or use them as a starting point, or don’t use them at all. It’s entirely up to you.

Outfit #1Outfit #2Outfit #3
Main PieceFun and casual: Linen Shortalls from Aeropostale in Soft Royal PlumSleek and elegant: Mercerized Cotton Mini Dress from Uniqlo in Navy or RedGo for a “boho chic” look this summer with this Hampton Wrap Skirt from Macy’s
AccessoriesPair it with a long sleeve t-shirt, or a tank top, and some shades, or color coordinated headband to complete the lookSince the dress itself is rather understated, here’s your chance to throw on a chunky necklace to complete the outfitSince the skirt is printed, pair it with a solid color top to coordinated for a flowy carefree look.
ShoesTry these Dahlina sandals from DSW in Beige. Beige being neutral won’t distract from the jewel tone color of the outfit. Dress it up with heels for elegance, or dress it down with sandals for a more casual look. Try these classic Nine West pumps from DSW, or maybe these Wedge Sandals.This outfit would be nothing if not for the chunky boots. Try these Doc Martens Chelsea Boots in White from Journeys.


The list is a little more simple.

You can never go wrong with your favorite pair of jeans. Pair them with a t-shirt and layer a jacket over. Take the jacket off and flip it over your shoulder for a casual look, or put the jacket on and button it up for a nice look. OK, now put away the jacket for now. Bring along a button down shirt, and layer it over the t-shirt. Now you have a nice layered look. This look dresses up or dresses down with whatever shoes you pick, so here’s your chance to do some real mix and match. Bring your favorite sneakers for a carefree look. Bring some dress shoes to add that “smart casual” look. Bring your favorite cowboy boots and a hat along, and you have a great look right there.

Generally, guys’ styles don’t change as often as girls. But here are some extra ideas to bring along:

  • Cool shades (Aviator style)
  • Cowboy hat
  • Ball cap
  • Sports equipment (ball, bat, racket, mask, etc) – but those look odd with your street clothes, so let’s work those into a shot with your uniform too
  • Wear your class ring, a watch, or other jewelry to complete the look

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